These are the known issues with version 1.1 (build 23) of the Vidpresso Mobile App. This app is part of a limited release. Invited users will receive an invite from the Vidpresso Customer Success team.

Reminder: As an  Alpha release, you should be testing and trialing this app in a variety of situations. However, we advise that you do not use the mobile app in any mission critical live streams until it becomes more stable.

•Gray Guides on iOS App are not accurate.  The on-screen 'guides' in the iOS app don't exactly match what is being sent to the Chrome browser. They are farther off in portrait mode than in lnadscape mode.

•If the mobile app joins a stream, then leaves, and then rejoins the same stream, the mobile video may not get pushed through to Facebook after the rejoin.

•Adding a mobile source sometimes adds an empty PiP source also.

•iOS Audio is not playing back in the app, though it does playback on Facebook.

•Remote talent using the app can mute themselves, but the Microphone and Speaker icon in the browser don't yet work correctly for iOS sources.

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