There are several configurations for using cameras with Vidpresso. This article will cover the steps for adding a webcam or your built-in laptop camera to your live stream.

Now on to the webcam setup! It couldn’t be much simpler than this.

Very first, let’s add a camera. Click the big Green +Camera button.

You’ll see a pop-up that will allow you to tell Vidpresso:LIVE which camera and which Microphone(audio input) you want to use for your live stream. After you select those two things, click “I’m Ready!”

  1. Choose your camera
  2. Choose your audio input
  3. Click “I’m Ready”

You’ll see your selected camera show up in the main screen right next to the +Camera button.

(If others are joining your stream remotely, you’ll see them all line up next to you in that bottom section.)

Click on your Camera to make it the active camera in the broadcast window. the red outline on your camera tells you it is the active camera.

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