We’re nearly there! The next step is to check your stream settings. Verify your graphics package, your stream title, stream description, and aspect ratio.

  1. Choose your graphics package.
  2. This is your Stream Name, You already set this on the front page, but it can be updated here. This appears on Facebook on the stream’s on-demand page.
  3. The Stream Description is your Facebook Status update.
  4. Choose your aspect ratio, Square (1:1) or Widescreen (16:9)
  5. Save your stream settings manually.
  6. This one is IMPORTANT! Choose which page you’ll be streaming on. Any page you have Administrative rights for on FB will show up in this dropdown.
  7. Viewers. When you are live this will show you how many people are currently watching / how many viewers you’ve had over time, cumulative.

After adding your camera, these settings are the next most important.

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