Using Vidpresso to live stream your content to Facebook Live is really simple. We’ll help you get started and walk you through the steps necessary to have a successful stream. You can watch our Video walkthrough or use the step by step guide below.

Login with Facebook

Step 1:

In your Chrome browser head over to Click on the blue bar that says “Login with Facebook.” Another tab will open to authenticate with Facebook. You will need to acknowledge that Vidpresso can have access to your Facebook account. Once approved, you’ll be returned to the original tab Ready to start a new stream.

Click Start a New Stream

Step 2:

Now, this page tells you what organization you’re a part of and it lets you launch new streams or add new users in your organization. You don’t need to add users to start your first stream so we’ll save that for later. This page will list streams that have been created, but have not yet ended. Streams that are actually in the process of streaming will appear with a notice that says “Streaming Now” on this page.

Change the Stream Title

Step 3:

Click “Start a New Stream,” then change the stream name to match what you plan on streaming. Click directly on the “New Steam” bar or the ‘edit’ pencil on the right side to change the name of the stream. NOTE: This name WILL appear on Facebook on the perma-page of the stream.

Notice the Title shows up on this page on Facebook “Drew and Stacey Cooking Scones”

Step 4:

Click “JOIN.” You’ll be taken to the Stream page, where you can add your cameras and graphics for your stream.

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