When you publish a live stream that contains branded content you need to be able to tag that partner and that live stream as branded content. Here's how you can do that in Vidpresso.

On your stream setup tab look for your Destination page dropdown. Choose any page that has been verified. Those pages will have the blue check mark next to them. These are the pages that can be used for branded content. 


If you want to be sure you have the correct page, simply click the blue link below the page name. That will open that sponsor's Facebook page in a new tab so you can be certain you got the right partner.

If you choose the wrong page, simply click the "X" on the right side, and choose the right one.

Now when you start your stream, your Facebook fans will see that you have a sponsor partner on their feed.

*Facebook has setup some policies and regulations to follow whenever a company wants to tag a sponsor in a post. You can find their full explanation on Branded Content here.

"Branded content may only be posted by verified Pages and verified Profiles. Branded content is defined as content originating from a Page or Profile that features third party products, brands, or sponsors that differ from the Profile or Page. When posting permitted branded content integrations, verified Profiles and verified Pages must use the Branded Content tool to tag the featured third party product, brand, or sponsor." (Source)

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