First and foremost, be aware of Facebook's guidelines when creating reaction polls. You can find the full contents of their policies regarding reactions right here.
But of most import is this portion:

"If using Reactions as part of a poll, don't use Reactions in the following ways:

  • Don't associate a Reaction with something that doesn't match its emotional intent (ex: “choose angry if you like the cute kitten”).
  • Don’t make Reactions the most distinctive or prominent feature of your creative.
  • Don't use Reactions for polls in video where the whole stream consists of static or looping graphics or images."

Reaction Polls are quick and easy and work very well as one aspect of a larger show. 

Here's a quick rundown of how they work.

Creating a Reaction Poll is currently a two-step process. The background graphics and the overlaid reaction poll.


To add your background graphics, go to the Graphics Tab and select Poll Background from the drop down list.
You'll see fields that you can fill in for the number of boxes and a place to put your Graphics' URLs. If you select 2 boxes, the screen will split in two, with 3 boxes, all three graphics will display vertically. If you select 4 boxes you'll have 4 boxes stacked 2 on 2.

Below the number of boxes field, you'll see "Box 1 Image Url" Simply paste in a link to a graphic. As with full-screen graphics, this graphic needs to be online and publicly available. We suggest using the Public folder in Dropbox, or something similar. Wherever you place your image, the key is that your link needs to point directly to the image itself.( i.e.,. the link should end with .png, .jpg, or .gif) 

When you have those graphics pasted, scroll down to SAVE. You'll see the graphic populate in the graphics list below.


Now click on the Polls tab to create the actual Poll Graphic Overlay. Here you can select "text" or "reaction" from the left side dropdown. Choose "reaction," you will see the text field change to another dropdown with all of the Facebook reaction options, "like, love, wow, haha," etc. Make sure you have as many reaction options as you have boxes from the first step.

Now when you go live, You can activate both of these elements to create a reaction poll!

Don't want to use a graphic background? No problem! Just add your camera and then skip to Part Two, create your poll graphic, activate it and let the voting begin!

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