The Comments Tab will give you access to all the comments made on your live stream. Once you start your live stream on your Facebook page, your viewers will be able to comment. Those comments will show up in your Comments Tab.

You’ll be notified of comments by a blue badge next to the comments section of the sidebar. Inside the Comment section you can do two things with the comments as they come in.

You can activate the comment graphic immediately by hitting the activate button. Activating the comment here automatically adds it to your Queue.

You can add them to your graphics Queue, for later use by hitting the star on the right. This is helpful if your talent is asking for audience questions to address later.

Once you send a graphic to the Queue the empty star on the right fills in to let you know that it has been saved for later.

If you click on the Queue section of the Comments Tab you’ll see the comments that you sent to the Queue. From here you can send them to ‘on-air’ or to your talent using Talent View.

When a graphic gets placed in the Queue you have a few other choices. You can still activate the comment using the activate button.

You can send the comment to your Prompt View screen. This is a good way to let them know there is a question they can answer. You can learn more about our Prompt View here. 

You can delete the comment. Click the Garbage can icon and confirm with the approval checkmark that appears.

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