To add graphics to your live stream in Vidpresso simply click on the Graphics tab on the right hand side. The Graphics tab is where you can create new graphics before you go live. (You can also create them while you’re live.)

There are several different types of graphics available in our standard package: The Intro, The Lower Third, and Comments.

  • Intros can be used a number of ways. We like using them as a ‘Curtain.’ You can put up the Intro graphic when you go live on Vidpresso and then after a few seconds you can take down the curtain, or deactivate the graphic.
  • A lower third is a standard broadcast graphic used for name titles or small snippets of info. It only covers the lower third of the screen and can be used to identify people or highlight key points.
  • Comment Graphics are graphics that can be created from the live comments that people add to your facebook live stream. There’s more info on that over here.

Using graphics in Vidpresso is a simple process. First you create your graphic, then you activate it. Here are the simple steps to create your graphics. You can create your graphics before you go live.

  1. Simply click the Green “+Graphic” button at the top of the tab.

Then choose your desired graphic format from the drop down list.

  1. Fill in the necessary information.
  2. Click “Save”

This will add your graphic to the stack to use in your show. Graphics will stack in the Graphics Tab as they are created.

After you create a graphic, like a lower third, you can activate that graphic in your live stream.

Each Graphic will have an activate, edit, and trash button.

Just click on the blue target shape on the left side. The activate button will push your graphic as an overlay on your video. It will turn red to show that it is ‘on-air.’ Click the activate button again to take it off-air.

You can also edit your graphic after it’s been made by clicking the Edit Pencil Icon. This will open the inputs form for that graphic again so you can change something or fix a misspelling. When you have finished, just click the approval check mark. (NOTE: If you edit a graphic while it is on-air, it will change in real-time on-air. Your audience will see the graphic updating live.)

Or you can delete your graphic by clicking the garbage can icon, and confirming your choice by clicking the check mark that appears.

That’s it! You now know how to add graphics to your stream.

*Some packages include custom graphics or even multiple graphic packages. If you would like to use custom graphics, let us know!

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