You can use RTMP settings to change the destination of your live stream. If you have a Streaming Server URL and a Stream Key, you can route your Vidpresso content to any of the streaming services set up to receive RTMP streams. (e.g., YouTube, Facebook,, Periscope, etc.)

You can find specific articles on finding your Server URL and your Stream Key below:

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When you launch a new stream with Vidpresso in your Chrome app you'll see a drop-down under "Destinations" where you can choose "New Facebook Post" "Existing Facebook Post" or "RTMP Post." 

Choosing "RTMP Post" will let you input a Server URL and a Stream Key provided by your streaming destination of choice.

Copy your Server URL into the top box and your Stream Key into the bottom box. Set up your stream and hit Save. Now when you have finished adding your graphics and other set ups you can Click "Start" and your stream will appear on YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, or whichever server you indicated.

Stream Keys are very important. They are unique to your accounts on those platforms. Some platforms give you a new key for each stream, and others like YouTube and Twitch give you a single Key to use for every stream. Anyone with your Key could feasibly stream content under your account. Be very careful when copying, pasting or even during broadcasting your screen that you don't show or expose that Stream Key.

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