This support document will focus on RTMP streaming to Facebook.

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Publishing your stream using Vidpresso's RTMP tool is simple. However, you will need some information from your destination platform. You will need to know your Streaming Server and your Streaming Key.

Finding your Streaming Server and Stream Key

First, let's go to Facebook to find the Server URL and Key. Then you can refer to this article to show you where to put them in your Vidpresso settings.

Because you can go live directly on Facebook using Vidpresso, this RTMP option is mostly useful if you want to schedule your streams for a future time.

The Steps:

When you log into your Facebook page you want to click on "Publishing Tools" (1.) in the top menu. Now you can click on your "Video Library" (2.) in the left menu. Then click "+Live" (3.) in the video library.

This pop-up screen will have the two major pieces of information that we need, the Server URL, and the Stream Key. You'll need to copy these both into Vidpresso. This article will show you where. 

Scheduling a Facebook Live Stream

After you've copied this URL and KEY into your Vidpresso Stream Settings Tab you can click "Next." You'll be asked to set the video title and add video tags. When you're ready click the arrow next to "Go Live" and drop down to "Schedule Live..." 

Now you can choose what day and time you'll be going live. Facebook will let you schedule a stream up to 7 days in advance, but no sooner than 10 minutes in advance. You can even add an image to use in the placeholder post. Click "Schedule" and you're scheduled. 

When Your Scheduled Time Arrives

The Final step is starting your stream with Vidpresso before the scheduled time and checking your stream in your "Video Library." Open Vidpresso in your Chrome browser, set it all up, and then hit "Start." Next, return to Facebook, find and click on your scheduled video in your "Video Library". Your video will appear on the right, and you can write your social post, adjust your title and more. 

When the scheduled time arrives your stream will automatically begin. Facebook will then show you your stream and insights about the audience as you stream. You can end the stream in Vidpresso by clicking on the red STOP square.

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