Creating a Live stream with a Donate button can be done in a few short steps using the donate setup button on the Live Composer page.
NOTE: Only Verified pages can use the Donate button.

1. Open Creator Studio and click "Go Live"

2. Choose your page from the tray that slides out.

 That will launch the Live Composer page. 

3. Copy the Stream Key.

4. Start your Stream in Vidpresso as usual.

5. In the Stream Setup tab, under 'Destination', Select "Existing Post".

6. Paste the Stream key from Step 3 into the box and Click SAVE.

At this point you can set up other parts of your stream, choose your graphics package, create show graphics and polls, add cameras, etc. 

7. SAVE again and click Start.

When you are ready to go live, save everything again and click the Start circle at the top of the screen.

8. Return to the Live Composer page.

Return to the page where you copied the Stream Key. You should soon see your stream in the left side of the page. Fill in the Title and Description for your stream.

9. Add the Donate button.

Click the small coin/heart button to open a field where you can enter the non-profit information. A drop down will appear with non-profit pages you manage as well as other non-profits. Select the non-profit you want to add to your stream. (If you don't see the "Support Nonprofit" button, your page may not be verified. Which it must be to use Donations)

10. Go Live!

Click the button at the bottom of the page to 'Go Live'.  Your live stream will now appear with a donate button in the newsfeed and on mobile devices.

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