There are three default graphic styles;

•Default Graphics
•Thin Line

NOTE: These Three default graphics packages can be altered to your color preference with your custom logo. We cover that in this document. If you need Custom Graphics, check here.

Bug - Many packages show your logo as a persistent bug by default. You can create a bug graphic if you want to be able to remove that logo from appearing on-air. 

Lower 3rd - A lower third is a standard broadcast graphic used for name titles or small snippets of info. It only covers the lower third of the screen and can be used to identify people or highlight key points. There is also a split Lower 3rd which allows you to have a name graphic for two people in a Split Screen setup

Comments - Comments are dynamically created when you are streaming and receiving audience comments on Facebook Live. They appear in the same location as your Lower 3rds. There’s more info on that over here.

Ticker - A ticker can be used to run a lot of information along the bottom of the screen. The text that is set in the ticker graphic will cycle over and over along the bottom edge of the screen. (NOTE: Tickers and Rundown occupy the same space. You will only see one or the other, not both.)

Timer - You can manually set a length of time and use it over and over in a show. Time is calculated in seconds. i.e., 300 is 5 minutes.

Countdown Graphic

Countdown - You can create a countdown to a specific day or time by  entering the date and time of your event. i.e., Christmas Day, or Black Friday Sale. Format is "Jan 01, 2018, 00:00:00" You can change the font color, the background color and position on screen. You can also add a background image.

Fullscreen Image - Place an image over the fullscreen. Some graphics packages also make room for adding a Title and Subtitle. Leaving these fields blank is an option.

Image Grid - Images can be positioned on the screen using an image grid. Select the number of boxes you want to divide the screen into. Boxes are equally split between top and bottom. You CAN skip a box when uploading images. i.e., setting the number of boxes to 4, and only loading an image in Box #4, will result in a PiP effect. OR setting the number of boxes to 3 and only loading an image in Box #1 and #3 will result in a 3-up view with your camera showing between two images. 

Intro Graphics

Intro - Intros can be used a number of ways. We like using them as a ‘Curtain.’ You can put up the Intro graphic when you go live on Vidpresso and then after a few seconds you can take down the curtain, or deactivate the graphic.

Rundown Graphics

Rundown - This graphic helps your viewers follow your show. You can fill in the stories you will be covering or the topics you will be discussing in order, and then show them along the bottom edge of the screen. advancing them as you move from one topic to the next.
Slideshow -
Add up to 5 still images to create a short slideshow. Images rotate, appearing for approx 5 seconds at a time.

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