One way to add easy engagement to your live streams is to create a Live Poll.*  Polls allow you to directly involve your audience. You can ask them questions, have them decide winners of a contest or decide where the show goes! 

*Polls and other interactive Vidpresso features will not work on personal profiles or in groups at this time.
*Previous options for reaction polls or Keyword (comment) polling have been deprecated.
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Step-by-step setup for Polls:

To create a new poll, click on the Polls tab on the right side of your browser.

Add your Poll Question and Answer Options. Then Click "Create Poll"
Your poll will appear on the left side of the Polls tab.

The biggest thing to remember with these polls is that you have a separate button to actually trigger the interactive card. You can still activate the poll as an on-air graphic using the activate button, and you can still send the poll results to prompt view using the TV icon

HOWEVER, your audience will not see the poll or be able to vote until you click the bottom button "DISPLAY INTERACTIVE POLL ON FACEBOOK."  Clicking that button will deliver the poll to your viewers. Their results will start coming in shortly after your viewers start voting.

The bottom button will change to show two new options. "HIDE" and "DISPLAY RESULTS."  Along with a message letting you know that the poll is active. Clicking "HIDE" will remove the poll card from viewers' screens, clicking "DISPLAY RESULTS" will close the poll and display a results card.

When results start coming in, you can choose to put the poll graphic on-air using the activate bullseye or send the results to your host using Prompt View. (Tv icon)

As long as your poll is active, you will see responses in real-time. These are also reflected in the on-air graphic. This is an excellent engagement tool.

What Your Audience Sees

Your web viewers will see a poll pop-up in the upper right hand of their screen (when in full page mode) To vote they simply mouse over the answer and click.

Your mobile viewers will see a poll card appear at the bottom of their screen. To vote they simply tap the answer.

Clicking "Display Results" will send a card to viewers with a final tally of percentages of the votes.

NOTE: These polls are unique. They DO NOT appear inside your video stream. They are delivered as interactive 'cards' on mobile devices or as pop-up overlays on web browsers. In both places, viewers have to be in full screen mode to see the polls.

You can create polls prior to going live, but you won't be able to activate or trigger the polls unless you are live.

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