If you need to restrict your Facebook Live stream due to broadcasting rights, licenses, or an embargo of some kind, you can do it inside of Vidpresso.

After you choose your destination that you will be streaming to, you can click on the "Facebook Settings" link. This will display the options for restricting the Country/Region or the Time zone of your stream. 

**Choose one or the other!**

Choosing both a time zone and a region may end up with no one seeing your stream.

•Clicking on the Fields for "Restrict to Country" and "Restrict to Timezone" will give you a drop down box with a type-ahead filter.
•Start typing the region or time zone you want to allow to see your broadcast and you'll see the 'type-ahead' feature narrowing the list for you.
•Click on the location you want. 

•That's it. That will select that region for your broadcast.
•Set your other settings for your stream and be sure to "Save" them.
•If you need to remove a restriction, just hit the big blue 'X' next to your filter.

When you start your stream only that region will be able to tune-in.

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