The next step is to check your stream settings, verify your graphics package, your stream title, stream description, and aspect ratio. These choices will make your stream look the way you want and make certain that your stream reaches the right page.

Step 1:

Authorize Streaming to Your Account

Before you set up your stream, make sure you've clicked "Authorize Streaming". Another page  will open and ask you to confirm that Facebook can have access to let you stream to pages you manage. Be sure to mark ALL of the pages you plan on streaming to.

Step 2:

Fill in the Stream Details

  1. Double check your Stream title. You already set this on the front page, but it can be updated here. This appears on Facebook on the stream’s on-demand page.
  2. The Stream Description is your Facebook Status update.
  3. Choose where your stream will end up. Your choices are:
    •New Facebook Post - Start a new post on your selected page.
    •Existing Facebook Post - Send your stream to a scheduled post on your page
    •RTMP Post - Send your stream to a RTMP destination
  4. If you choose New Facebook Post, you need to select what page you will be streaming on. You can stream to any Facebook page that you are an Editor or Admin on.
    After choosing your destination you can click "Facebook Settings" to restrict your stream by Country or Timezone.
  5. Choose your Graphics Package.
    5b. You can modify the basic colors and upload a custom logo by clicking on this box. 
  6. Choose your aspect ratio, Square (1:1) or Widescreen (16:9)
  7. Click here to save everything after you've made your changes.

Theses settings are locked after you go live.

After adding your camera, these settings are the next most important.

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