We know that when you are producing a show that repeats daily, or weekly you don't want to waste precious show-prep time re-creating all your graphics for each individual stream. So we added a little feature that will help you save time.

Download graphics/polls for later:

You'll notice a small 'upload/download' button at the top of the Graphics column or on the polls tab next to the '+' button. 

Clicking that button will show you two options. One to upload a saved list, and another to generate a new list. 

Click 'Generate List' to download a .txt file that contains all your graphics' info.
Every graphic that is in your current show will be saved in that file. The file will be called "graphics.txt". You should rename this file to make it easier to find.

The download and upload feature are separate for graphics and polls. if you want to save both your graphics and your polls from a show, you'll need to download both files.

Upload graphics in a new show:

The next time you want to use those graphics in a show all you need to do is click that same 'upload/download' button. Select "Choose File".
From the file chooser, select the previously downloaded graphics.txt file.
Then simply click the "Create Graphics" button and all your previous graphics will be added to your current stream. This works the same with Polls. Click the upload button in the Polls Tab.

Note: Native Interactive Polls can not be reused. They need to be created for each stream.

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