There are 3 standard graphics packages to choose from in Vidpresso:
•Default Graphics
•Thin Line

Each of these default packages can be modified to match your brand colors and display your own logo. You can find more information on customizing our default packages in this article.

Step 1.

Select your Package

Each of the default packages have several different types of graphics available. You can select your package on the main Settings tab. Each graphics package has templates for many common graphics: Lower Thirds, Intros, Counters, Rundowns, Tickers and more.
For more information on the ways you can use each of these graphics, or to see the design style of the default packages, read this article. 

Step 2.

The Graphics Tab

•Click the Graphics Tab on the right side of the screen.
•Then Click the + sign at the top of the right column.

Using graphics in Vidpresso is a simple process. First you create your graphic, then you activate it.  You CAN create your graphics before you go live.

Step 3.

Select The Graphic Template

•Select the Graphic Template from the dropdown.
•Fill in the fields.
(Fields left blank will not be created.)
•Click Save

Step 4.

Create Show Graphics

Clicking Save will add your graphic to the stack to use in your show. New graphics will stack in the Graphics Tab as they are created. You can use the 'Filter graphics' field at the top of the column to quickly filter the graphics you've created. You can also use the quick selection buttons (ALL, LOWER 3RD, INTRO, FULLSCREEN) to quickly filter your graphics by template type. 

Step 5.

Activate Your Graphics

After you create a graphic, like a lower third, you can activate that graphic in your live stream. 

Click the Activate button on the left side of your graphic to animate that graphic on-air.
Graphics will turn red when they are active on on-air. click the Activate button again to remove the graphic overlay.

Each Graphic has an activate, edit, and trash button.

To edit your graphic after it’s been made click the 'Pencil' Icon. This will open the inputs form for that graphic again so you can change something or fix a misspelling. When you finish, just click the approval check mark. (NOTE: If you edit a graphic while it is on-air, it will change in real-time on-air. Your audience will see the graphic updating live.)

You can delete your graphic by clicking the garbage can icon, and confirming your choice by clicking the check mark that appears.

If you use the same graphics again and again in different live streams, you can export and import your saved graphics.

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