Every Graphics package has a template called Fullscreen Image. You'll find it in the dropdown list on the graphics tab. This template allows you to add fullscreen images to your shows.


There are three fields to fill in. The first is "Image URL." If your image is available online you can post the URL in this box. Your image URL needs to be online and publicly available. We suggest using the Public folder in Dropbox, or something similar. Wherever you place your image, the key is that your link needs to point directly to the image.( i.e.,. the link should end with .png, .jpg, or .gif) 

You can also upload your own image into the image well on the right side of Image URL field.

If you're using the "Default Graphics" package you'll see two fields for an optional Title or Subtitle to go along with your image.
**You can leave these blank


You can even use the "Image URL" field to play back an animated GIF. When you activate the graphic you'll have a full screen GIF right inside your live stream.

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