NOTE: Custom Graphics are not free. Contact your Facebook SPM or email for details.

 Some times it might make sense to create custom graphics for your live streams. Custom graphics mean you can have a different branded look for each of your live shows.  The number of custom graphics we will create for you depends on your partnership level. 


We can create graphic templates based on your design, but we do not design the graphics for you. You can send us your Photoshop .psd files or even After Effects files. Once we get your files we will try to create your graphics in your Vidpresso org within 2 weeks. Please contact your Vidpresso representative to request a new graphic template. 


Download starter template Here

You can download a Photoshop template here. This zip file contains a single .PSD file with layers that will give you an idea of where your graphics should be placed. You'll find layouts for a Lower Third-Two Line, Lower Third-One Line, Intro Slate, Comments, and two types of Polls. You can use this template to know where to place your graphical branding elements. After you've designed your graphics in your own .PSD file, you can send it right back to us.


Standard graphic styles are Lower Thirds, Comments, Intros, Full screens, and Polls. The following examples are very basic but they show the layout and location on the screen of the different types of graphics. If you can design it in Photoshop or After Effects, we can convert it into a template for you.

  Lower thirds and Comments traditionally occupy the lower third of the screen regardless of aspect ratio (square or widescreen). 

Intros and Fullscreen templates usually cover the entire screen. They can be persistent and appear or disappear as you active them in Vidpresso.

Polls can show up where ever you would like them. Traditionally they land on the bottom of the screen, but they can also appear off to one side, left or right. Polls can also be fullscreen if you desire.


Other special graphics that you might request are Upper Thirds, Counters, Countdowns, Rundowns, etc. The number of custom graphics we will create for you depends on your partnership level. 

We're happy to consult with you and talk about your graphic needs. Remember that you are responsible for the design work.  We will take care of the conversion of your designs into the Vidpresso platform.

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