This feature is perfect for sharing multiple sources with your viewing audience at once. You may want to share a fullscreen image and still have your talent commenting in a box in the corner, or you and a guest (or guests) displayed side-by-side. 

First make sure you know how to add your camera or studio set.
  details are here:
Adding your Camera or Using a Professional Camera

How it Works:

Add two or more sources to your stream. This can be a main camera, or studio feed AND and remote guest camera.

Click on the +PIP or +SPLIT icon on the left side of the bottom bar beside the +SOURCE button.

This creates a new source that includes two of your existing sources. You can edit this PiP or Split-Screen to change which source is displayed in each box. Simply click the settings gear in the lower right corner.

From here, you can choose the video position with the letters on the top and each of their sources with the numbers on the bottom. Want to cycle the sources? Just hit the cycle sources button.

You can add multiple scenes to have various setups. 

Have more than two sources? You'll be able to create a three-way or four way split by clicking the + on the edit screen

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