We’ve added a simple way for you to keep in communication with your talent. We call it Prompt View. At the core it’s a simple method for sending messages to your Talent when you’re not in a situation where you can openly converse with them.

In most broadcast/live situations a producer keeps track of the show, timing, interactions and graphics which leaves the Talent open to do what they do best, engage and entertain. At times the producer may want to pass along a time cue or a short message. Here’s how we use it.

The Talent View tab includes a link to the Talent View screen at the very top, “Open Talent View”. This link can be shared with your talent or just opened in a new window/monitor on your main Vidpresso machine. Whatever works best for your setup.

From this tab you can send some preset messages to your Talent. Simply click on the Monitor icon to the left of the given presets. This will send a simple teleprompter-style message to the Talent View screen.

The current message in Talent View will always be displayed in the dialog box at the top of the Talent View Tab and the “Send to Talent” button will be lit up green to let you know it is active.

You can also fill in custom messages in this box. The message will not be sent to talent view until after you press the “Send to Talent” button.

Beyond custom messages and the preset messages, you can also send viewer’s Comments to the Talent View screen.

In the Comments Tab, under the Queue section you’ll see that same monitor symbol is there for each comment you have sent to the Queue. If you want to send a specific comment to your Talent. Simply click the Monitor button.

The Talent will see the name of the commenter and their comment in the Talent View screen and if you are in the Graphics Tab you will notice that the particular comment will turn yellow to let you know it was sent to Talent View.

Each time you send a new message, whether by clicking the monitor icon or using the presets in the Talent View Tab, it replaces the prior message. IF you want to see what message is currently in the Talent View Screen, look at the dialog box in the Talent View Tab. If the “Send to Talent” button is green, that message is currently being displayed.

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