One way to add easy engagement to your live streams is to create a Live Poll.*  Our Vidpresso Polls allow you to directly involve your audience. You can ask them questions, have them decide winners of a contest or decide where the show goes! 

*Polls and other interactive Vidpresso features will not work on personal profiles or in groups at this time.

Step-by-step setup for Polls:

To create a new poll, click on the Polls tab on the right side of your browser.

There are 3 types of polls you can create.

•Native Facebook Polls
•Keyword Polls
•Reaction Polls

Each has a unique purpose and presentation. Native Polls, by default, allow for a single vote per viewer. Keyword and Reaction Polls count all votes, regardless of how many times a single viewer may vote. 

Setup is similar for all three types of Polls. Fill in the Question, and the answers, then click create poll. Polls will stack up on the column to the left. You can use all three poll types in a single show if you desire.

From the list of polls on the left. You will be able to send them to air or send them to the Prompt View using the activation bullseye or Tv icon. 

These articles explain more about using each type of poll.

Using Native Facebook Polls

Using Keyword Polls

Using Reaction Polls

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