Our new improved polls are packed with functionality! They may look like they have a lot of new buttons, but running a poll has never been easier.

To create a new poll, click on the Polls tab on the right side of your browser.

Step 1:

Give your Poll a title, then add at least two keywords. For example, "What's your favorite gaming console?"

Step 2:

Then you add your two keywords, "PS4", "Xbox" (To add a 3rd or 4th choice to your poll, simply click "+ Add Choice" before creating your poll.)

Step 3:

Click "Create Poll". Your new poll will be created and appear below.

It's ready to go live! Notice the results start at 0%. As your viewers add their comments to the live stream, the poll will update in real-time. You can see those updates in the Polls tab BEFORE you put the results on-air!

Step 4:

To put your poll graphic on-air, you just need to click the blue target button on the left side of the poll. Your new graphic will go live and the graphic box will turn red to let you know that it is on-air and 'hot'.

The other icons on the right side give you a lot of new flexibility. 

•The first check-box toggles counting. If it is checked, that poll is actively receiving results. You can toggle counting on and off as you desire. An example of this might be if you were asking multiple "Yes", "No" type poll questions. For each new poll, you would toggle off the counting on the previous poll.

•The Reset icon will reset your results back to zero.

•The Stopwatch icon will count all the results from the beginning of the stream.

•Of course, the Garbage icon is so you can delete your poll.

You can also download and upload your polls just like graphics. Check out this support article for more details.


  • Using # in front of your keywords will help to make the voting for your polls cleaner and more deliberate. i.e., #PS4, or #Xbox
  • You can have multiple polls in a single live stream. Just fill in the title and keyword boxes with the new poll question and click "Create Poll." Your new poll will be added beneath your first poll.
  • Polls are not case sensitive. "ps4", or "PS4", "Xbox", or "XBOX", will all be counted for this example poll.
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